Classic Fun Rummy Card Game

Play Classic Fun Rummy Card Game on Smartphone

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Android Card Games

Looking for a brain-teasing strategic board game android? Classic Fun Rummy Card game teases your brain and pushes you harder to make a determined next move. The board game category offers a challenging environment with tough opponents and lets you double your achievements. The game is available to download on the google play store and you can play the online card game on your smartphone. The game features the most popular mode of rummy card game, also known as rummy 500. The gameplay begins with players playing from the deck of 52 cards and your goal is to get rid of all the cards and win the game.

Rummy Card game on AndroidWhile playing the game, I quickly realized the pace of card games shift of turn isn’t much awaiting like many other card games on android. The game employs a melding, splaying, and set collection mechanism that allows the player to make their next move. You play the cards on the table by making the run or set of 3 cards or more with the same values from different suits. Or you can also make consecutive cards for one suit. You can pick the card top face down card from the stock or pick a recent card from the discarded pile.

The game gives you seemingly easy yet challenging co-players on the table. The table is joined by 3 more players competing to win the game. If you have not tried the game, download the game on your smartphone/android. We bet that you’d love the engaging gameplay of the Classic Rummy Card Game.