Match 3 offline games – Warrior Ertugrul Gazi

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The Match 3 Ertugrul Gazi Puzzle Game

With hundreds of new mobile games coming every day, it’s hard to find a game that makes you coming back. Match 3 offline warrior Ertugrul Gazi is Turkish TV series-inspired puzzle game on android. This puzzle genre isn’t your regular match-making game where you match the tiles and try to empty the grid and earn rewards. The game combines a bit of action and puzzle element that allows the player to make the match and deal with the damage or damage the opponent. While the game might appear simple, a wrong move would end-up dealing damage and thus reducing the HP (Hit Points).

Puzzle Game on Android
Since the name clearly suggests the gameplay, your victory or defeat is dependent on how you’re making the right match. Each tile you match will help you attack the opponent or you might end up dealing with the damage. However, you can regain the Hit Points by making the green ornament tiles match to ensure your survival. Unlike many puzzle games, the game’s mechanics offer an entirely unique mechanism. If you have been having a day full of boredom, try playing this matching game and you’ll surely have fun. You can match the coin tiles and earns the coin for later upgrading your armor and weapon’s damage. If you haven’t downloaded the game, go to the google play store and download the game on your mobile. And, definitely, don’t forget to play! Let us know more about how you think of the game.