Assault Fury - Mission Combat

Android Action Game Assault Fury Mission Combat

By April 5, 2021 No Comments

Assault Fury Mission Combat is a Third Person Shooter (TPS) single player mission game available on google play store. Ask someone who’s a hardcore smartphone gamer, games like Assault Fury Mission Combat fuels the excitement that leads to repetitive play. The game takes 154 MBs of space and runs smoothly on a smartphone with 2GB of RAM. Game mechanics acts as central system to any game whether played on PC or android. Assault Fury Mission Combat’s core mechanics are cover system and shooting system. Time and missions are the ingredient to successful completion of the mission. Speaking of the game, It’s quick in and quick out shooter.

The starting screen is like rest of the android action games, armed soldiers and “Click to select” mission level menu. You play as an armed soldier in the “Slim City” whose job is to complete the mission, take down enemy soldiers while achieving the targets.  The cover system is super simple yet something in between that protects you, but deals with low damage. The weapon’s arsenal consists of 3 different categories of weapon, each perfect for the next mission. Assault Rifle include, Carbine otherwise known as M416, QK (AKM), CQ-16 (G36C), Basters, and Scar. While distant target can be taken down with Snipers, and bogies with RPG.

Frame rates aren’t choppy, but resolution needs more crisp as this genre in smartphone gaming is graphic intensive. Cover mechanics are simple don’t involve quick pivoting movement. Unlike a Battle Royale game which is characterized by last person standing, tactical co-op multiplayer game. AFMC follows an aim and shoot model where player doesn’t make rapid pivoting movement and adapt to environment. Assault Fury is more of a quick mission games that on average lasts from 45 seconds to 2 minute. If you like to play quick matches, Assault Fury Mission Combat is an action game that you’d really like.