World Of Pirate Ship

Best Pirate Ship Action Game of 2021 (World of Pirate Ships)

By April 5, 2021 No Comments

Having been on hunt of some quick action smartphone based, hack and slash games, World of Pirate Ships turned out “Bang for the Buck” although the game is free for all, Massive Multiplayer Online game features classic battle between warships. Unlike your typical hack and slash where you take the fight with melee weapons. World of Pirate Ships is Naval ship borne artillery equipped with projectile to fire against enemy warships. The game mechanics are simple yet tricky and requires the player to take proactive approach while sailing and attacking opponent ships. If you’ve been trying on some engaging android games, World of Pirate Ships is sure going to get your keep playing.

The game is available on android and apply store as well. As to android, the game takes upto 150MB of space including the data. This is a game that’s way different than your typical side scrolling game on android. Players enter the game with the tutorial where they sail from the narrow channels surrounded by greenish mountains. The most amazing thing is the on screen message guide that’s going to make sailing easy. Sailing the ship is easy, it’s something not a tap and hold skill. Simple tap on water will set the ship sailing, another tap will change your ship’s direction.

World of the Pirate is like TDM (Team Death Match) of Battle Royale Game minus Team. Each map lasts for 10 minutes and needs quick decision making to destroy maximum ships and earn gold. I believe the game settings and environment is simple but needs a little more tweaking. Since you can be attacked from anywhere, the 360° movement allows you to keep an eye and change direction before the projectile hits your ship. The game mechanics introduce deliberate limitation such as side canons for close attacking position. Naval MMO games in android are built with myriad of battle settings and environment. What makes World of Pirate Ships unique is its unique design.