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Looking for an action game on mobile? The Assault Fury Mission Combat is a single-player offline action game. This action genre features moderate graphics with a simple attack and defense mechanism. The Assault Fury Mission Combat features missions that players have to complete in due time. With the number of unlimited bullets, you can take down the enemies easily. However, the mission succeeds when you complete the tasks that include taking out the enemies within a defined number of bullets. With the simplistic still aim and shoot design, the game is a perfect field for improving your combat skills.

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The game doesn’t involve an open world environment where players can roam around, hide in a bunker, or take cover in shelters or homes. With every level going up, you’ll have more enemies to deal with and more missions. The weapons are almost like the common M416, AKM, and Scar-L without any attachments. However, you can upgrade the clip size, increase accuracy, reload time, increase the damage and rate of fire. Shooting the still targets is much easier in the beginning levels, but as you climb up, moving targets become a little more challenging. Although the game graphics appear a little primitive, it does feel like real fun playing the game.