Assault Fury - Mission Combat

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Mission Game on Mobile

Assault Fury Mission Combat is a single-player action game available on android. This action game genre an immersive experience in the dessert field where you take down enemy soldiers. The action genre has always been a fast-paced gaming experience and demands much concentration from the player. If you have ever played action games, you might think of Assault Fury Mission Combat having the same gameplay. However, that’s not how the mission game features the gameplay. Twitching isn’t an option, neither does opening the scope. For new entrants to the action genre, this game sure lets you master the basic techniques.

Mission Games

The game features primitive yet upgradable weapons. You can improve the accuracy, clip size, firing rate, and reloading time by spending earned money. The attack and defense mechanism of the game make the play simple and easy. The game has no NPC accomplices that walk by your side for cover, but that’s not a big deal since you can easily take out your targets. There are no melee weapons to take out the enemy in close range. That’s something much needed in the game and it could have made the game a little more challenging. However, the game still lets you have fun with more levels and challenging moving targets and helicopters.