Guess the creepypasta

Features of guess the creepypasta game

By April 24, 2021 No Comments

This game is made to test creepypasta fans’ abilities and understanding of the genre, as well as to frighten newcomers. Try it right now on your android devices for the spookiest gaming experience you will have in all your life!

The game depicts stunning visuals which indicate the graphics are the top match. With such a light application that takes just a negligible chunk of your storage space, the graphics are exceptional, to say the least. The game is like the hangman style in which you have to guess the characters of the creepypasta.

It all starts with simple levels like the Slenderman or jeff the killer but eventually its gets harder as you pass the levels and then you will need extensive knowledge to guess the characters of the creepypastas.

The design of the application is creepy so that the users will have the experience of a horror application! The user interface is very good and you can start playing the game from the word go. Up till now, there are 48 levels to master but the game is updated regularly and the new levels will be out soon.

So, what are you waiting for? Try this game out now and enjoy!