King Quiz

Features of King Quiz – Guess cartoon by photo quiz

By April 25, 2021 No Comments

As of late, quiz games have become much popular on android devices, and among one of them is the King Quiz. This is because the game is primarily for the pleasure of children and they can enjoy to their fullest potential by passing levels related to guessing their favorite cartoon characters.

Firstly, the game has one of the best user interfaces. It is convenient for the usage of kids as well as adults and is also attractive at the same time. Most of the things in the game are self-explained and even beginners will have no problem playing the game for the first time. Moreover, there are excellent high-quality images of cartoons available in the library to guess. These characters are also updated so you will not run out of guesses in the future.

The library contains many cartoon characters to guess which can be engaging for the children, as well as there, are tups available for the users if they are finding it difficult to guess some cartoon characters. In this way, help is given to the users. After every successful guess, the users get rewards in the form of coins which can be later on used to buy different items.