Match 3 offline games – Warrior Ertugrul Gazi

Is The Match 3 Offline game; Ertugrul Gazi your Next Puzzle game in the Mobile?

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Puzzle Game on Android

If you have been playing Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga, give them a pause. Because this new crazy blend of survival, strategy, and still screen combat game is the new hype on android games. The puzzle genre lets you make the match and give or take a blow. The game might appear easy to play, but starting the next level will surely get you in trouble. Unlike the puzzle genre in android games where you make the match and get points in return. The Match 3 Warrior Ertugrul Gazi is an offline single-player game on android.

The Match 3 Ertugrul Gazi Puzzle GameThe mechanics of Every game are built on a risk and reward frame. Similarly, The Match 3 Warrior Ertugrul Gazi employs the same mechanics, but the risk and damage is an entirely new experience. This 3d smartphone game involves making the right match of blocks. The tiles consist of a shield, green ornament, spear, sword, and coin. Just like other puzzle games, swiping and matching the right element with each other ears you some point and gives a blow to the opponent. This game has blended the puzzle and hack and slash element perfectly which makes the game challenging to play. While one match gives a blow to the enemy, the other move might turn out to be a mistake.

The puzzle genre in smartphone games has traditionally been simply dragging and drop to match. The Match 3 Offline game; Ertugrul Gazi isn’t your typical puzzle game where you consistently lose upon making a false move. You can regain HP by making the right match, but considering a potential blow from the opponent. Furthermore, the game is a little tricky yet fun to play and definitely worth your time. While we explore more about the game, let us know what do you think about the game.