Match 3 offline games – Warrior Ertugrul Gazi

Match 3 offline games – Warrior Ertugrul Gazi game features

By April 26, 2021 No Comments

The best thing about this game unlike many others is that it is offline to play. You do not need any sort of internet connection to play this game and therefore it takes a lesser toll on your android device. Moreover, with such beautiful graphics, one must expect that the game would take more storage space. But that is not the case because despite having exceptional graphics, the game only takes a meagre space on your device which means that you can easily download and play the game.

The game is set in the medieval era of Ertugrul Gazi which means that all the items which are coming up on the playing to match are historic. These include spears, swords, and protecting shields. Basically, you will have a battle going on in the game with your opponent. The more frequently you match the same items in the playing boards the more harm you will do to your opponent.

The goal is to win the battle by matching 3 or more of the same items on the playing board. By matching more than 3 items you can gain several boosts which can prove to be crucial in the battle. When the health points of the opponent are completely finished then it means that you have won the game.