Let’s make money by playing games together!

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On this site, I introduce some of my favorite games that are not so famous.

And I’m a big fan of the newly launched MEMBERS.

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Let’s make money by playing games together!

In MEMBERS, there are two ways to make money with games.

The first way is to make money with your game skills.

In MEMBERS, players can bet money and fight against each other in “Cash Matches”.

There are two main types of ” Cash Matches” in MEMBERS: “e-sports” and “score matches”. “E-sports” are games in which players fight each other, such as FPS. “Score matches” are games in which the winner is determined by the score obtained in a special stage or against the CPU.

In MEMBERS, various games are registered, such as racing games, puzzles, card games, FPS, etc., with more games to be added in the future.

“Analytical decision making”, “quick reactions”, “good observation skills”, and a “sharp memory” are all skills that you can use to make money.


The second way is to become an affiliate.

If you introduce your friends to MEMBERS, you will earn affiliate commissions.

You can’t get this reward just because your friend registers with MEMBERS.

The reward is only earned every time the friend you referred battles in the game.

As long as your friends play games on MEMBERS, you will receive rewards semi-permanently.

Of course, your friends can also get affiliate commissions if they refer someone else.

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How to play on MEMBERS.

The games you usually play may be registered on MEMBERS, but you cannot play them directly for Cash Matches.

You first need to install a special game application from the MEMBERS website to play.

This is a stage that MEMBERS has created specifically for cash matches.

Perhaps you have paid for the game and are frustrated that you cannot use that advantage.

However, “e-sports” or “score matches” are skill-based matches, and there should be no advantage or disadvantage between players.

Players should always play on equal terms. Since it is a game, there is of course, an element of luck. However, the fact that it depends mostly on skill is what makes “Cash Match” a viable competition.


Also, when installing the game from MEMBERS, remember to uncheck the “install applications from unknown sources” checkbox on your smartphone, and then check it back after installation.


Approaches by MEMBERS


  1. Problems with “cash matches”

– Transparency of opponents

→Does the game’s opponent exist? (Isn’t it the CPU?)

– Fairness of the game

→Are the system and rules of the game fair?

MEMBERS is developing a system to prove these issues by using the latest technology.


  1. Targeting users around the world

Although communication technology is developing, stable and high quality communication networks are not yet in place.

In order to target users all over the world, games with low communication volume and score matches, where you can compete with your opponents for rewards, will be available so that you can enjoy “Cash Matches” even with an unstable connection.

You’re sure to find a game you can enjoy even with an outdated phone or an unstable connection.


Notes on MEMBERS

  1. Legality of Cash Matches

The Supreme Court of India in 1996 defined skill games as follows:

Skill games are perfectly legal and have been described by the Supreme Court of India as follows:

i. Skill games require analytical decision-making, quick reactions, good observation skills, and a sharp memory.

ii. Competitions, in which success (winning) depends on considerable skill, are not “gambling”.

iii. If a game is overwhelmingly a game of skill, despite the element of chance, it will still be a game of “mere skill”.

Unfortunately, however, there are some countries and states that prohibit Cash Matches.

Please check the laws in your country.

You can get Bonus points for registering through this link.