Race Pro: Speed Car Racer in Traffic

The gameplay of Race Pro: Speed Car Race game

By April 26, 2021 No Comments

If you like, you can use the buttons to adjust the car’s acceleration. This is the foremost step in learning the gameplay of the race pro: speed car race game. These are on-screen touch buttons from which you can increase or decrease the speed of your car. You will have to vary your speed according to as there are many obstacles all around the driving lane. You cannot move with full throttle every single time because you will lose the game and the race in this way. therefore, master the controls of increasing and decreasing the speed of the car accordingly.

Secondly, there is also a special button available for all the users on-screen. The button is called the nitro boost. This is a short temporary boost for your vehicle so that it can go extremely fast for a short amount of time. Use this boost wisely as it is limited in the race. You would want to use it when you are lagging behind your opponent and on a straight track so that you will not have to reduce the speed of your car.

Finally, there are several different camera views at your disposal. You can see a third-person view or an in-car view. It is entirely up to your comfort level.